Back in 1987

Cad Toner Monterrey 1989

"Computación Administrativa y Diseño SA de CV" was established to sell printing equipment, commercial software, and some other services related to graphic design.
Because at that time one of the most important engineering design software was AutoCAD®, some clients started referring to us as CAD. When we added toner sales to our offering mix, we started using the trademark Cad Toner™.

In 1988

Cad Toner Monterrey 1990's

Cad Toner purchased a franchise from Austin‐based “Laser-Charge” for $1000 USD, becoming the first cartridge recharger in Mexico.

Our small operation at that time looked forward to recharging ONE cartridge a day. 26 years later, we remanufacture over 10,000 ink cartridges and over 8,000 toner cartridges a MONTH!

The local newspaper "El Norte" published our first advertisement in 1989.

The investment was very small and we were committed to renew one monthly ad as long as we were able to break even that month. Today, Cad Toner invests hundreds of thousands of pesos advertising in print, radio, TV, and the Internet.

In December 1994

the Mexican peso significantly devalued against the dollar. All original cartridges were manufactured overseas and their prices were pegged to the US dollar.

At that key moment, we took a very important decision: we did not increase prices in the expectation of much higher sales volume. This strategy paid off and we were able to capture the market.


Cad Toner Monterrey, Mexico

Cad Toner covers about 70% of the remanufactured cartridge market in Nuevo León.

We serve a wide number of customer segments: from large corporations to educational institutions to the small home-based business. Our product offerings include toner and ink remanufactured cartridges .